Mini Symposium / Workshop: 16 March 2020
Main Conference: 17 – 18 March 2020

Handlery Hotel, San Diego, California, USA

2020 Speakers / Facilitators

Marcus Massingham of GSK speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Marcus Massingham

Head, Quality, Lab and Manufacturing Technology


Satish Maram of AstraZeneca speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Satish Maram

Director Integration Services and Data Enablement


Kyle Holen of AbbVie speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Kyle Holen

Head, Development Design Center


Cornelia Thieme of Biogen speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Cornelia Thieme

Director Global Manufacturing Science


Samuel Santiago of Pfizer speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Samuel Santiago

IoT and Infrastructure Transformation Advisor


Sharin Roth of , Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Sharin Roth


, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.

Heidi Evenson of Agile Biopharma speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Heidi Evenson

IT Executive

Agile Biopharma

Robert J. Boland of Johnson & Johnson speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Robert J. Boland

Director of Digital Innovation & Emerging Technology

Johnson & Johnson

Kevin Hickman of Gilead Sciences speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Kevin Hickman

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Distribution

Gilead Sciences

Marissa Dockendorf of Merck speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Marissa Dockendorf

Principal Scientist and Digital Health Portfolio Lead


Prasenjeet Sarkar of Kite Pharma speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Prasenjeet Sarkar

Sr Director of Manufacturing and PD IT

Kite Pharma

Manish Saxena of Predana LLC speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Manish Saxena

Consulting VP – Pharma & Medical Device Transformation,

Predana LLC

Kristopher Standish of Janssen R&D speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Kristopher Standish

Principal Scientist, Data Science,

Janssen R&D

Nishtha Jain of GSK speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Nishtha Jain

Digital Technology and Product Consultant


Siddharth Bohra of Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Siddharth Bohra

Chief Business Officer - Tech, Media, Consumer & Life Sciences,

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI)

Mike Benecky of GSK speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Mike Benecky

Sr Director, Global Regulatory Affairs


Daniel Velez of Amgen speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Daniel Velez

Corp QA Specialist


Brenden Alexander of Sanofi speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Brenden Alexander

Manager NA Engineering and Strategic Projects


Kimberly Crimin of AbbVie speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Kimberly Crimin

Head, Advanced Analytics


Eileen Cortes of Biomarin speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Eileen Cortes

Director – QA Global Validation


Nacer E Hedroug of Mylan speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Nacer E Hedroug

PhD, Director of Quality Improvement


Rasmus Hogreffe of LEO Innovation Lab speaking at Future IOT & Pharma Summit

Rasmus Hogreffe

Head of Virtual Clinical Trials

LEO Innovation Lab

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The pharmaceutical industry is perfectly positioned to enjoy the benefits of industrial IoT technologies.

The evolving and strict regulatory landscape within the pharma sector has resulted in the industry remaining cautious towards adopting emerging technology. 

However, recent years has seen falling R&D productivity, cost increases, compliance and non-adherence challenges, patents expiring and stakeholder expectations evolving which is driving the pharma sector to focus their energy on IoT (Internet of Things) and other emerging technologies. 

The pharmaceutical industry is in fact perfectly positioned to leverage IoT technologies across manufacturing plants, supply chains, delivery routes, clinical trials, R&D and many other areas.  

Whilst some early adopters have already started exploring IoT to enable end-to-end digital integration across the supply chain, many are still wondering where to start and what to do.

How will you identify the right use cases and ensure your IoT & Smart Pharma strategy will succeed?

Tackling these issues head on, the IoT & Smart Pharma Summit will unite pharma specialists from Industry 4.0, IoT, Technology, Innovation, Strategy, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing and R&D functions to hear about latest use cases delivering ROI across the sector.

The IoT & Smart Pharma Summit 2020, will enable you to:

Forecast future technology trends, manage digital disruption and apply innovations to solve unique business problems

Effectively manage the costs and complexities associated with automation and digital optimization strategies to maximize ROI

Establish a digital foundation and define the digital transformation and automation roadmap to ensure emerging technology projects are successful

Streamline the business by integrating new technology and automated processes that optimize efficiency as well as reduce operating and capital costs

Exploit Industry 4.0 and apply digitization strategies that will improve safety and predict the health of assets

Lead business and cultural change through leadership and change management, empowering stakeholders for digital transformation

Mini Symposium / Workshop: Monday 16 March 2020 (12:30 – 17:00)

Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences: Cost-Benefit of Implementation and Avoiding Common Pitfalls


Recent developments have confirmed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has the potential to reshape the life sciences sector. Whether the ultimate driver is cost efficiency, optimizing clinical trial design and execution, or potentially accelerating speed to market, AI technology can enable a true competitive edge by potentially achieving all three.

By attending this symposium, Innoplexus will demystify AI & ML, explore its potential, alleviate concerns and set realistic expectations about what this powerful technology can do.

Who is the IoT & Smart Pharma Summit 2020 designed for?

IoT Pharma Summit 2020 is designed for C Suite, VP’s, Presidents, Heads, Directors, Team Leaders and Senior Scientists from:

  • IoT
  • Digital Strategy & Transformation
  • Analytics, AI & Machine Learning
  • Innovation
  • Manufacturing
  • Plant
  • Wearables
  • Medical Devices
  • Supply Chain
  • Clinical Trials
  • Research & Development
  • Smart Labs
  • Laboratories
  • Data Management, Data Governance & Data Science
  • Quality
  • Integration
  • Patient Centricity
  • Cloud
  • Regulation
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs

2020 Platinum Sponsor

2020 Sponsors

Testimonials from our event Portfolio

“An excellent way to interface with industry and discuss common struggles and solutions. You find tools and tricks in every single session”
Kallin Kurtz, Strategic Automation Director, Shaw Industries
“Excellent content, with knowledgeable keynote speakers”
Chris Gronowski Global Key Account Manager, Weidmueller
“There is a lot of knowledge in the room and it is great to network
and share experiences with those who have similar concerns and
Andrew Barco, Division Director, Automation Product and Services, Weidmueller
“The Future Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit was an extremely
well run event, with great facilitators and good engagement across a
number of manufacturers”
Mark Collman, Global Automation Lead, Newell Brands
“The Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit provided great insight
into smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. The sponsors were
extremely knowledgeable and engaged. I will take the insights back to
my company as we continue to implement out IIOT strategy”
Rhett Dickinson, Senior Manager – Manufacturing Systems, Newell brands
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